Walt's World

San Diego

Walt at the Beach The Pacific Ocean lies behind me off San Diego.
Agave Plant I'm standing next to an agave plant on the street near my home. Tequila is made from this plant.
My Home This is home , where I live.
My Swimming Pool Looking out from my window onto the swimming pool.
Roberto y Familia Roberto (right) and his family, including his mother (left) and little brother (center). Roberto lives in Tijuana. Look for him again in "La Escuela". They are friends and neighbors of mine in Mexico.
Ed Ed is my neighbor. He's standing next to his computer.
Denise and Sam Denise and her daughter Sam . They are, also, neighbors of mine.
My Computer This is my computer setup and connection to the world via the internet. It consists of three networked computers running Windows 2000 Server, NT Server, 98, XP and Linux Server.

Scenes From The Office

Unit Statistical Department:

Ana looks at the camera.


Yvette waves to the camera.


Linda takes a break.

Ana and Lu

Ana and Lu celebrating Ana's birthday at The Old Spaghetti Factory.


Armando helping Ana celebrate her birthday.

Lina and Laticia

Lina and Laticia join Ana's birthday party.

Technical Services Department:

Paul stands in his office.


Sally takes a break for the camera.

Shirley and Lorraine

Shirley and Lorraine work on a problem.

WebTradeInsure Launching WebTradeInsure - internet web development.

Marlene's Retirement Luncheon - March 2001

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